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The Noon Number: Uneven Strength

A look at an unusual stretch of time for the Caps

NHL: Washington Capitals at Nashville Predators Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

190:25 - Length of time separating the Capitals’ last two even-strength goals, a stretch that ended with T.J. Oshie’s late third-period tally last night in their loss to Nashville. Prior to that, the Caps hadn’t scored a goal at even strength since Nicklas Backstrom dented Jaroslav Halak at 5:46 of the third period against Boston.

In between, the Caps did score a few goals - two on the power play, one with their own goalie pulled and one with their opponent’s goalie pulled - but were shut out otherwise and outscored 10-0 in the process.

In the first three months of the season, the Caps outscored teams 103-77 at evens; since the start of 2019, however, they’ve only picked up 15 even-strength goals to their opponents’ 21. Just one more element of (and driving force behind) what seems to be an overall slump for the team across the board.