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The (Un)official Hangover Tour Tee

Teeing up another tee

NHLI via Getty Images

Remember June? In case you don’t, the Caps won the Cup and everyone partied. Hard. So, yeah, you’d be forgiven if you don’t really remember June.

But now it’s back to work for the fellas with a title defense is kicking off in less than three weeks. Will they pick up where they left off, or suffer from the figurative (or literal) “Cup Hangover”? That, of course, remains to be seen... but we’ve got a shirt for it:

Look at that beauty. The D.C. flag background, Nick Backstrom’s famous quote, the upcoming season schedule... no matter what the future holds, you’ll be ready for it with this tee. So pop a couple of Advil, head over to BreakingT and pick one (or more) up and you’ll be ready to rock the red, whether at full volume or “hey, can you turn it down a little... my head is still pounding from celebrating the Cup win.”

Put another way...