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What’s Up Babes? Last Call

Get ‘em before they’re gone...

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Photo: Ismael Morales

Two weeks ago, we introduced the “What’s Up Babes?” t-shirt to commemorate The Captain’s Stanley Cup Parade speech, and it sold like hot cakes. Now it, along with the BreakingT’s incredibly popular “Fight for Ol’ D.C.” shirt (pictured above) are going into a final printing, so this will be your last chance to grab ‘em up.

Here’s “What’s Up Babes?”:

And here’s “Fight for Ol’ D.C.”:

Beauties. And if you order today, those sweet red, white and blue bastards will probably show up before July 4. Own your Independence Day party, y’all. (Hell, BreakingT even has a “July 4 Collection.”)

So go get yours - the “What’s Up Babes?” shirt can be found here, “Fight for Ol’ D.C.” here, and BreakingT’s entire D.C. collection can be found here. Buy now, before they’re gone...