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What’s Up, Babes? A New Shirt, That’s What

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Teeing up a tee

Photo: Ismael Morales

We’re not really into pushing merch around here, and have never really been in the t-shirt game. That said, when your team wins the Cup and the captain addresses a crowd that’s been waiting a lifetime for that very moment, maybe you’ve just gotta wear his words.

To that end, we asked our pals over at BreakingT to hook us up, and the results don’t disappoint:

I’d wear that. I will wear that. And though we’re not slapping our logo all over it, it is a shirt tailor-made for the Japers’ Rink community, so that’s cool. Go get yours.

BreakingT has been churning out some pretty cool Caps tees all playoffs long (like the one in the lead image), and they’re running a “Path to the Cup” special where you get the five shirts below for just $99 (use discount code PATH2CUP):

So pick up some summer wear and remember the moment forever... not that you could forget.