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Sunday Caps Clips: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Epic does not begin to describe the Caps’ first full day with the Stanley Cup

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2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Your savory brunch links:

  • The Caps had to earn their celebration the hard way - enduring a season of pain, healing, and learning how to work for their victories. Highly recommended long read. [WaPo]
  • Actually, there are two highly recommended long reads - “Rising to the Occasion” [Sportsnet]
  • The Capitals took their Cup celebration to the streets on Saturday with a fun-filled, alcohol-fueled eighteen hour paroxysm of joy:
  • First, it was off to Nationals Park for a pregame ceremony featuring the Stanley Cup, a two-team group picture on the pitching mound, and Alex Ovechkin with a highly entertaining mulligan on his ceremonial first pitch to Max Scherzer. [MASN, FTW, ESPN, AP, @masnKolko, SI]
  • Did we say pregame ceremony? Scratch that. The team and Lord Stanley moved on to a suite, where the Bud Lights were in full effect and the team entertained itself for hours by randomly hoisting the Cup for the delighted crowd... [Deadspin, WaPo]
  • ... No time for talk. Only sing...
  • ... and they were having so much fun they didn’t even notice that the game had actually ended.
  • Then the team boarded their charter bus and drove away from the stadium and into Immortality. Because Alex Ovechkin took the Cup and his teammates to the people of DC and put on an ever-lovin’ show.
  • Reports first surfaced from social media that the Caps and their Cup had made their way to the DC waterfront bars in Georgetown. Something about a keg stand? And a fountain.
  • Then there was a taxi and a party bus and Cafe Milano (and Javanka, improbably) and tattoos and Gypsy Sally’s and St. Yves. And much, much We are the Champion-ing. The DC Sports Bog was ON IT. [WaPo]
  • At least one unanswered question tho... how did Joe Beninati end up in Jakub Vrana’s tattoo Instagram Story, exactly? [RMNB]
  • The Caps’ joy and increasingly dire general state of impairment was noted with glee, awe and envy by much of the North American sports media. [USA Today, SI, Larry Brown Sports, Sportsnet, Deadspin, The Comeback, Puck Daddy, NBCSW]
  • Finally fear not - the Cup and Conn Smythe were safe and sound at Ovi’s dacha as he returned home to be with family, friends, and the Kuznetsovs and the Orlovs. [RMNB]
  • One more: Alex Ovechkin was drafted first overall by the Caps and and Ryan Zimmerman was the first player drafted by the Nationals organization. They both started their big league careers in September of 2005. Just look at them now. Ain’t life grand?