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The Narrative: Home Boys, Kuznetsov’s Health, and Holtby Heating Up

Three things we’re talking about today when we’re talking about the Caps

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
  1. The boys are officially back in town.

Yes, all of them:

Oh, and as for the off-ice entertainment leading up to Game 3?

2. So, yeah, Evgeny Kuznetsov practiced. Officially...

Unofficially... cautious optimism?

3. Everyone will remember The Save (like, forever), but let’s not sleep on the rest of his Game 2 performance (even if it looked shaky at times), including that epic 3-on-5 penalty kill:

This was the third time in his playoff career that Holtby has stopped 37 or more shots while allowing two goals or fewer in a game that didn’t require overtime. At the risk of stating the obvious...