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The Noon Number: Rocket Race

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A look at two dueling superstars going head to head

Honda NHL Superskills Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

38 - Number of combined goals scored by Alex Ovechkin and Steven Stamkos when going head to head in the regular season, dating back to their first meeting back on November 10, 2008. Ovechkin holds a significant edge in total production when facing off against Stamkos, putting up 24 goals and 51 points compared to Stamkos’s 14 goals and 28 points.

The two have faced off against each other 37 times in the regular season since Stamkos joined the League in 2008, with Ovechkin’s Capitals dominating the overall series with a record of 26-8-3... although Stamkos currently has the lead in playoff wins, as he was part of the Lightning squad that swept the Caps seven years ago.