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The Noon Number: Road Warriors

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A look at how the Caps have done away from DC this postseason

Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Three

4 - Number of wins earned by the Capitals on the road so far this postseason, out of four total games played. The Caps are the only playoff team to not have lost an away game so far, with the Penguins the only other team that has as many wins (but one loss, courtesy of the Caps).

Special teams have been extra special on the road, with a power play rate of 28.6% and a near-perfect penalty kill that’s nullified 14 of 15 times shorthanded (93.3%).

As has been the case throughout the playoffs, home and away, the Caps have done a good job in general at spreading the wealth on the road - all but three players have picked up at least one point away from DC, with Alex Ovechkin leading the way with eight.