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Saturday Caps Clips: Vegas Bound

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Daily Washington Capitals: Previews, predictions, and much, much, much more for your holiday weekend pre-SCF reading enjoyment.

Washington Capitals v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Get to know a Golden Knight: Jon Marchessault. [Rink]
  • Viewing party. Capital One Arena. Monday night. Be there or be square. [Caps]
  • His talent has always been there, but Evgeny Kuznetsov is starting to emerge as a bona fide superstar. [WaPo]
  • Previews of the upcoming series. [Peerless, Freep, ESPN, NBC Sports (forwards, defense), NBCSW,]
  • A look at the numbers. [Rink, NoVa Caps]
  • In order to win the franchise’s first Stanley Cup, the Caps will need to solve one man: Marc-Andre Fleury. [Puck Prose, NoVa Caps]
  • Which... may not be that big a deal after all. [Rink]
  • Of course, the Caps have their own ace up the sleeve, so to speak, in the form of red-hot Braden Holtby. [Puck Daddy]
  • In fact, the Caps may have the edge in this series thanks to Holtby’s strong play (and the team’s strong power play). [NHL]
  • Breaking down this all-powerful goalie matchup... [RDS]
  • ...and the rest of the key matchups. [ESPN ($)]
  • Three keys to the series for each team. [The Score (Caps, Knights)]
  • Both teams’ top lines have been dominant so far, but they’ve accomplished this dominance in different ways. [The Score]
  • All those years of high expectations have led to this one moment. [LV Review Journal]
  • GM Brian MacLellan spoke to the media about what lies ahead... [Caps video]
  • ...and he’s more than ready for his first Stanley Cup Final experience at the helm of his team. [NHL]
  • Coach Barry Trotz also met with those media folks to talk prepping for his first Stanley Cup Final. [Caps video]
  • Trotz’s contract situation is currently up in the air... which, depending on this series outcome, could make him one of the more coveted free agents this summer. [NBCSW, WashTimes]
  • But perhaps it’d be better to lock him up here. [NoVa Caps]
  • In case you’d forgotten, George McPhee had a hand in building both finalists. [NBC Sports (and again), CP]
  • Just to add an extra layer of fun to this series, old friend McPhee’s squad is facing off against his old friend’s squad. [NoVa Caps]
  • This year’s playoff run was accomplished with minimal trade deadline day dealing by the Caps... perhaps proving that the late-season “holiday” is a tad overrated. [Tribune-Review]
  • Get those crystal balls and tarot cards ready - it’s prediction time! [USA Today, ESPN]
  • Handicapping the Conn Smythe field. [USA Today, Caps Outsider]
  • Defending Tom Wilson. [FiCP]
  • Poor Nicklas Backstrom and his poor gross swollen finger. [WaPo]
  • With the second trip to the SCF around the corner, a look back at the first one, 20 years ago. [NHL]
  • It’s not a curse - it’s just sports. And maybe, finally, sports are going the right way for DC. [WaPo]
  • Unsurprisingly, Caps hockey may not be great for your heart. [WaPo]
  • You know it’s officially Stanley Cup season when the politicians start to get involved. [LV Review-Journal (and again), NBC4]
  • All bandwagon fans are, of course, welcome... but it might have gone too far when even Tony Kornheiser hops on board. [WaPo]
  • The city once again searches for late-night metro funding. Because sometimes this city is ridiculous. [WTOP]
  • Until the Cup comes home to DC, Lovettsville, VA is officially known as “Capitalsville”... which is just crazy enough to be amazing. [WaPo, NBCSW, NBC Sports]
  • Good news: even if the Caps don’t hoist the Cup, the arena’s sponsor makes out like a bandit! [WBJ]