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Friday Caps Clips: Eastern Conference Champions

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Caps take the day to celebrate their victory while the rest of us get hype for the series ahead.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Your savory breakfast links:

  • No, really. The Caps shut out Tampa 4-0 in Game Seven to claim the Prince of Wales Trophy for real. The Rink crew lays it all out for you in podcast form. [Rink Radio]
  • Technically, it was Alex Ovechkin claiming that trophy. He carried it on the ice, carried it onto the plane, carried it off the plane, posed with it with fans, placed it carefully in his car and is now displaying it on his dining room table. [WaPo, WTOP, NHL, RMNB, NoVa Caps]
  • Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom have shared the pain of too many losses. This day, there was only joy. [WaPo]
  • Related: Permission for optimism... [ESPN]
  • ... and nothing matters but now. [Deadspin, NHL]
  • The longest wait is over. [Yahoo]
  • Tom Wilson’s Game Seven was the most Tom Wilson game Tom Wilson has ever played. [The Athletic]
  • Ovechkin and the biggest goal in franchise history. [NBCSW, Yardbarker]
  • So, the Stanley Cup Finals are set to start Monday. The Capitals versus the Golden Knights. Whichever team prevails, it will be a first. [SI, The Star]
  • The NBC Sports analysts are fans of this matchup. [NHL]
  • Have we met? This Nate Schmidt fellow seems familiar, somehow. [Rink, NoVa Caps, NHL]
  • Caps in six. [WaPo (Greenberg)]
  • Knights in seven. [DFP]
  • No need to fear Marc-Andre Fleury. [TribLive]
  • The most DC political prop bet ever - instead of the usual “bushel-of-crabs for a side-of-beef” wager, a Nevada congresswoman and DC delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton will trade DC statehood t-shirts for support in keeping nuclear waste out of Yucca Mountain. [Idaho Statesman]
  • However you slice it, this SCF will be the McPhee Bowl. George McPhee is the principal architect of both teams that will be facing off on Monday. If it goes seven games, he might actually explode. [NHL, CHUM (radio interview with Steve Whyno, and it’s good)]
  • Happy 27th birthday to Michael Latta.