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Thursday Caps Clips: Four.

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The Washington Capitals are headed to the Stanley Cup Final.

Washington Capitals v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Seven Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images


  • Thankfully last night’s game wasn’t yet another Game 7 in which the Caps get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. [Rink]
  • Recaps and other assorted musings on the win that sent the Caps to their first Stanley Cup Final in 20 years from us, Vogs, Caps/NHL video (Trotz, locker room, Ovechkin postgame, Holtby/Ovechkin), NHL, AP, TSN, ESPN, National Post, WaPo, NBCSW, WashTimes, Frankovic, Peerless, NoVa Caps, RMNB, TBO, and Raw Charge.
  • Handshakes! [NHL video]
  • Hopefully not the last trophy the Caps hoist this year, but a damn satisfying one to see in Ovechkin’s hands nonetheless. [Caps video, NHL]
  • Whether in Alex Ovechkin years or in franchise years, this spot in the Stanley Cup Final has been a long time comin’. [NHL, Sporting News]
  • The fact that no one really saw it comin’ in the first place is a testament to the group that shut down Tampa last night. [USA Today]
  • Benched in Game 5, the hero of Game 7. Andre Burakovsky, ladies and gentlemen. [WaPo, WashTimes]
  • Thousands of Caps fans packed Capital One Arena, flooded the streets, and took to social media in celebration - because Caps fans are crazy and wonderful. [WaPo (and again), WashTimes, Caps Outsider (and again)]
  • Hey, (younger) millenials... welcome to the whole “winning in the Eastern Conference Finals” thing. [Caps Outsider]
  • Time to make some new hockey memories. [RMNB]
  • The series in review. [Caps video, LWoH]
  • A look back at the road that led the Caps to the Stanley Cup Final... [NHL]
  • ...and the way they were built to get there. [NHL]
  • These aren’t your dad’s - or even your - choking, crumbling Caps. [WaPo, NBCSW]
  • And now? Bring on those scrappy Vegas Golden Knights (and meet our SB Nation pals over at Knights on Ice!). [NHL, WaPo, NBCSW, Caps Outsider, LV Review-Journal, LV Sun]
  • It all starts Monday night in Vegas. [NHL]
  • Guess Barry Trotz had better start working on those crossovers. [NHL, ESPN, NBCSW, WashTimes]
  • With Alex Ovechkin in his office and T.J. Oshie working the slot, the Caps’ power play has plenty of options. [NBC Sports]
  • Finally... this.