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Get Hyped for Caps-Lightning Game 2 With This Awesome Fan Video

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Get up and get ready for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals with this killer fan-made hype video.

Screenshot: Reilly Evans

Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals kicks off tonight at Amalie Arena, as the Tampa Bay Lightning take on the Washington Capitals for the right to go to the Stanley Cup Finals.

As you may...ahem...recall, the Capitals dropped the Lightning 4-2 in Game 1.

They’ll look to keep the pedal to the floor tonight as they try to take a 2-0 series advantage back home to Washington.

To help you get pumped before puck drop, the incredibly talented Reilly Evans (Friend Of The Rink™) is back with her THIRD fan-made hype video of the postseason.

Watch the video below, grab your favorite beverages, and get ready for the Capitals’ quest to claim victory in Game 2.