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The Noon Number: Third Time’s the Charm?

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A look at some playoff history, and the chance to change it

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Washington Capitals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

2 - Number of times the Capitals have faced, and lost to, the Tampa Bay Lightning in the playoffs. The Bolts are currently the only team the Caps have played at least twice in the postseason without a series victory.

Since their first playoff appearance back in 1982, the Caps have faced 13 different teams total, with multiple match-ups among 7 of those 13. Here’s how they’ve all shaken out:

Playoff Opponent History

Team Appearances Record
Team Appearances Record
Penguins 11 2-9
Rangers 9 4-5
Islanders 7 2-5
Flyers 5 3-2
Bruins 3 2-1
Devils 2 1-1
Lightning 2 0-2
Canadiens 1 0-1
Jackets 1 1-0
Leafs 1 1-0
Sabres 1 1-0
Senators 1 1-0
Wings 1 0-1

The Caps will get a shot at erasing that goose egg starting tomorrow night.