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The Noon Number: DC Three

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A look at a trio of three-spot performers

8 - Number of three-point games this season for Evgeny Kuznetsov, bringing him into a tie with Nicklas Backstrom for second-most on the Capitals (behind Alex Ovechkin and his 10). Kuznetsov, Backstrom and Ovechkin all check in among the League leaders in three-point games this year, with Ovechkin cracking the top five.

Together the Caps’ high-scoring group of three has accounted for 26 three-point games since the start of 2017-18. That’s the second-most in the League for any team’s trio, behind Colorado - Nathan MacKinnon (13), Mikko Rantanen (9) and Gabriel Landeskog (5) and Pittsburgh - Evgeni Malkin (12), Phil Kessel (8), and Sidney Crosby (7) - who are tied at the top with 27 total.