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The Noon Number: It Always Comes Back to...

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A look at one of the marquee matchups of this second-round series

Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

48 - Number of combined points for Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby in their three previous head-to-head playoff meetings, dating back to their first showdown in 2009.

Unsurprisingly, both lead their respective squads in points against the other’s team, with Ovechkin holding the overall lead at 26 points to Crosby’s 22. Ovechkin has put up 12 goals and 14 assists in 20 playoff games against the Penguins, while Crosby has 10 goals and 12 points in 19 games.

As we all know, no matter how much time has passed or who else steps up as a hero... whenever these two clubs go head to head, it’s all about Ovi vs. Sid.

Round 4 gets underway tonight.