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The Noon Number: Familiar Foes

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A look at some frequent spring clashes between the Caps and their upcoming opponent

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

62 - Total number of playoff games played between the Capitals and Penguins, dating back to their first postseason meeting in 1991. In fact, no team has faced the Penguins more in the playoffs than the Caps, with 21 more games played than the Flyers (and that total includes this year’s first-round series between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh).

Not surprisingly, considering the lopsided series record, the Penguins hold the overall edge in wins; in those 62 games, the Caps have won just 24 and lost 38 (24-32-6).

No time like the present to start evening things up, though... the quest to do so starts tomorrow.