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The Noon Number: Postseason Powerhouse

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A look at the Caps captain’s penchant for scoring in the playoffs... take that, haters.

Washington Capitals v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Six Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

.50 - Goals per game rate in the playoffs for Alex Ovechkin over the course of his career, second-most among active players and the most for any player with at least five playoff seasons under his belt.

Last night Ovechkin picked up career playoff goal #50 - and #51 - in his 103rd playoff game, marking his second multi-goal game of the series against Columbus (and fourth multi-point performance of the six games). Through ten postseason appearances, Ovechkin has posted seven multi-goal games, putting him into the top 15 among all players over that span despite being the only one on that list to not have gone past the second round; this is the first playoff run since 2009 in which he’s had two multi-goal games in the same series.