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The Noon Number: Kill or Be Killed

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A look at some stellar PK work in the Caps’ most recent victory

NHL: Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

8:40 - Number of minutes the Capitals spent on the penalty kill in last night’s win over Pittsburgh, going a perfect five-for-five against the League’s best power-play unit.

That marks the longest the Penguins have spent on the power play in a single game without scoring a goal this season; they currently sport an impressive power-play rate of 25.9%, and an even better home rate of 27.1%, but were denied any tallies with the extra man despite peppering Philipp Grubauer with 12 shots on net.

On the flip side, it was the tenth-longest the Caps have been on the kill this season, and the second-longest they’ve gone without giving up a goal (twice they’ve been dinged with five full penalties and killed off all ten minutes, most recently way back in December against the Bruins).

Ideally, of course, the team would be better served to avoid taking so many penalties against any team, let alone the best power-play in the NHL... but if you’re going to take ‘em, you’ve got to kill ‘em, and the Caps (and Grubauer in particular) did just that last night.