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The Noon Number: Penalties Kill

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A look at some less-than-special special teams in Game 1

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Columbus Blue Jackets at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

60% - The combined penalty kill success rate by the Capitals and Blue Jackets in last night’s series opener. The Caps drew six penalties, scoring twice with the extra man - both goals scored during the five-minute major to Josh Anderson in the first period - while the Blue Jackets drew four, also scoring twice.

Ultimately it was the penalties to the Caps, and the consequent goals given up on those penalty kills, that sent last night’s game to overtime, as the Blue Jackets twice tied the game on penalties to Tom Wilson and Andre Burakovsky.

Columbus sported one of the worst power plays in the League during the regular season, and the worst among any playoff-bound team, at just 17.2%; still, the Caps will clearly need to step up their game shorthanded going forward.