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The Noon Number: Jay Beagle Dot Calm

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A look at a Caps’ center’s dogged determination in the dot

Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

92.8 - Jay Beagle’s face-off win percentage in Saturday night’s win over Toronto, via a 13-for-14 night, marking the highest single-game win percentage for a Caps pivot since Eric Fehr went 15-for-16 (93.8) at Dallas back in January of 2015.

Here’s more on Beagle’s dot dominance from Caps Today:

Jay Beagle has won 30 of his last 34 face-offs (88.24 percent), including 20 out of 22 in the defensive zone (90.1 percent) and five out of six shorthanded (83.3 percent). Beagle’s 17 face-off wins against the Ottawa Senators on Feb. 27 was the most face-off wins by a Capital this season, while his 92.9 success rate (13 out of 14) against the Toronto Maple Leafs on March 3 was the greatest success rate of any player in the NHL in a single game this season among players with at least 10 draws through games played March 5. This season, Beagle is tied for fourth in the NHL in face-off percentage among players with at least 700 face-offs (476 wins on 827 draws, 57.6 percent), second among players with at least 300 defensive zone draws (295 wins on 497 face-offs, 59.4 percent) and first among players with at least 200 shorthanded face-offs (108 wins on 204 draws, 52.9 percent). Since the 2014-15 season, Beagle ranks fifth among NHL players with at least 1,000 draws in face-off percentage (1,687 wins on 2,955 draws, 57.1 percent).

And, because you’re intensely curious, here’s a list of Caps centers on record who have taken ten draws in a game and lost fewer than two of ‘em: