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The Noon Number: Gone Streaking

A look at a long stretch of offensive productivity for the Caps

Buffalo Sabres v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

14 - Number of consecutive games in which the Capitals scored at least three goals before having their streak snapped in Wednesday’s 2-1 loss. Beginning with their overtime win in Colorado back on November 16, the Caps put up three or more goals in every game through their shootout win against Buffalo, and were 12-2-0 over that span.

That 14-game stretch marks the longest such streak since the offensive juggernaut that was the 2009-10 squad, which went 20 straight games with at least three goals.

Prior to that, the last time any Caps team had at least 14 three-plus goal games was back in November-December of 1992; it’s a feat that’s only been repeated nine times in franchise history (although the 1988-89 and 1982-83 clubs managed it twice in short order).

Here’s a look at the full lineup: