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The Noon Number: Shootout Squared

A look at a rare feat for the Caps

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1 - Number of times in franchise history that the Capitals have won via the shootout on both sides of a back-to-back set, completing the comeback in Raleigh Friday night and then following it up with a victory at home over Buffalo on Saturday.

The Caps have had both games of a back-to-back go to the shootout, as recently as last season - they dropped Game 1 of the post-Christmas set in New York before returning home to beat Boston the next night. As for the last time they’ve even won two straight games in a shootout, you have to go back to 2012 when they beat Boston on March 29 and then defeated the Habs two nights later.

Since the shootout was introduced in 2005-06, the Caps have had it decide the outcome of 126 games, winning 60 of them. Opportunities for back-to-back wins have become fewer and farther between, however; over the last five seasons, the Caps have only gone to the shootout 30 times total (although they’ve already matched last season’s entire total with four this year).