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Capitals vs. Red Wings Second Period Thread

Second period thread.

Detroit Red Wings v Washington Capitals Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images


Nothing like a little home cookin’ if you’re the Washington Capitals. After a three-game road trip (and back-to-back wins), the Caps came home to host the Red Wings.

And Brett Connolly didn’t wait long to get the people going, sneaky-dekey redirecting a John Carlson point blast to make it 1-0 Washington early.

Then, after hustling hard to beat out an icing call, 4th Line Magic Travis Boyd dented the twine to stake the Caps to a 2-0 lead, the most dangerous lead in hockey.

And Mr. Alex Ovechkin didn’t like his beloved team-family teetering on so precarious a cliff, so he bombed home a slapper off a defenseman’s chunky calf muscle to make it 3-0 Caps!

Second period ahead...