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The Noon Number: Phenomenal Starts

A look at a couple of first-overall picks going head to head tonight

NHL: Washington Capitals at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

1 - Number of points separating Connor McDavid’s total through his first 222 games and Alex Ovechkin’s total in the first 222 games of his career. Since entering the League, McDavid has racked up 277 points, while Ovechkin put up 276 in his first two and a half seasons.

Unsurprisingly, McDavid’s bread and butter has been assists, with 181 so far compared to “just” 96 goals; equally unsurprising is the fact that Ovechkin’s totals are skewed more heavily towards goals (although more even, with 146 goals and 130 assists).

Ovechkin’s pace hasn’t fallen off too much since he was McDavid’s age - he’s put up another 243 points since the start of McDavid’s rookie season back in 2015, and no one has more goals than his 142 over that span.

(h/t NBCSW’s Steve Farrell)