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The Noon Number: Danger Signs

A look at how Braden Holtby has fared against varying degrees of difficulty

NHL: Washington Capitals at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

.739 - Braden Holtby’s high-danger save percentage at all situations so far this season, the lowest of his nine seasons. He’s also on pace for a career-low in medium-danger save percentage (.894), and is close to the bottom of the barrel in low-danger as well.


This doesn’t mean that the Caps are in major trouble, of course; Holtby’s numbers in those three categories were lower than usual last season, as well, and that one had a pretty good ending. But the team does need him to be better as they sort out their issues in front of him, and so far, despite some flashy saves here and there, he’s not stealing them any games... and at times has even cost them.