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The Noon Number: A 200-Foot Game

A look at how the Caps have done at both ends of the ice so far

NHL: Washington Capitals at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

2 - The Caps’ goal differential in October, as they outscored opponents 38-36 through the season’s opening month. The offense seems to be working just fine; the team’s goals-per-game rate is the second-best in the League at 3.80, and they’ve scored at least four goals in six of their first 10 games.

The other end of the ice, however... well, that needs a bit of work. The Caps have a seventh-worst goals-against rate of 3.70, and have given up at least four goals in five of the ten.

The penalty kill, of course, is a not insignificant part of the problem - the team has given up 11 goals while shorthanded, at least one in all but two of the games, and has a shorthanded save percentage of .732.

Areas of concern? Perhaps not, since it’s still fairly early... but something to keep an eye on nonetheless.