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Monday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: A loss, and a loss.

Washington Capitals v Ottawa Senators Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Remembering Bryan Murray - fighter and winner... [NYT, THW] , NatPo,
  • ... and friend... [HockeyBuzz]
  • ... and the season he took the Caps to their very first playoffs. [NoVa Caps]
  • The Caps put playoff disappointments in the rearview mirror. Again. []
  • Getting to know Nicklas Backstrom’s agent Gunnar Svensson. [ (link in Swedish)]
  • Also in Swedish - Bäckis demonstrates the finer points of defending the puck to the presenters at Viasat teevee. Hockey haunches FTW (and the block). [NoVa Caps]
  • Along with the passing of Bryan Murray we mourn the loss of Trooper Pilot Berke Bates, who was killed in a helicopter crash this weekend but is lovingly remembered as a very good man and a heck of a hockey player.