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Kevin Shattenkirk Signs Four-Year Deal With New York Rangers, Sky Is Blue, Sun Rises Again

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The one-time Capitals defenseman signed a four-year deal sending him to New York on Saturday.

Washington Capitals v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Three

Kevin Shattenkirk, we barely knew ye.

Perhaps the single most highly sought-after asset on this year’s free agent market, dynamic 28 year-old defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk signed a deal on Saturday sending him to the New York Rangers for four years at a salary of $6.65 million AAV.

The moves comes as no surprise, as everyone and their mother’s dog groomer knew Shattenkirk wanted to go to the Rangers, especially with the Rangers buying out defenseman Dan Girardi’s contract to clear salary cap room on the blueline. Frankly, both the salary and the term are less than Shattenkirk could have commanded on the open market, suggesting that he may have made concessions on both to land with his desired team.

Unfortunately, the talented blueliner stays in the Metropolitan Division, and will face the Capitals several times a year over the next four seasons.

Good luck in the Big Apple, Kevin! Thanks for the few short months in Washington.