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Saturday Caps Clips: Capitals vs. Penguins Game 5 Game Day

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Do, or do not. There is no try.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Washington Capitals - Game Two Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Six things we were talking about yesterday when we were talking about the Caps. [Brink (morning, afternoon)]
  • Alan May and Ryan Wilson each pay a visit to Japers’ Brink Radio. [Brink Radio]
  • Previews of Game Four between the Caps and Pens from Vogs (plus game notes), AP and WaPo, and be sure to check in with our SB Nation brethren over at Pensburgh for coverage from Steeltown.
  • Third-line Ovechkin? Third-line Ovechkin. Wait. ZOMG THIRD-LINE OVECHKIN!!!1! [Brink, AP, CSNMA, NoVa Caps, WaPo]
  • ... because the team needs a spark... [, CSNMA]
  • ... or perhaps, some honest to goodness effort. Nicky knows:
  • This move might actually work. Here’s five reasons why. [Puck Daddy]
  • Keep hope alive, Alex! [RMNB]
  • At any rate, the team’s poor performance and the Captain’s struggles have fingers and tongues wagging. This week’s wag - Trade Ovi. Oh my. [Sportsnet, CSNMA]
  • Better yet, blow the whole thing up. [Guardian]
  • C’mon people, get a grip. [THN]
  • And here we wait, for 8 to be truly gr8. [Toronto Star]
  • Time’s ticking, fellas. [WaPo]
  • From the Steeltown end of the ice, Sidney Crosby appears to be on the mend but is still questionable for tonight’s game... [, and again]
  • ... and hai there Matt Murray, testing the wheels on a pre-practice solo skate. []
  • Fortunately Sid’s not too salty about his injury. Nope, hardly upset even a little bit. But do check back. [RMNB]
  • The Hershey Bears are set to kick off Round Two tonight hosting the Providence Bruins. A couple of days ago they took batting practice with the Nationals’ Double-A affiliate Harrisburg Senators, and it was righteous. [Chocolate Hockey]
  • Slightly less righteous - Jakub Vrana has been a healthy scratch for much of this postseason. [NoVa Caps]
  • Three straight conference finals for the South Carolina Stingrays. Groovy. [Caps Outsider]
  • Get to know Michael “Mouse” McNealy, who is retiring from the Capitals’ in-game security team after 36 years. [RMNB]
  • Finally, happy 67th birthday to Bob Gryp.