Why did a Moldavian-born, Italian-bred guy become a Washington Capitlas fan.

So, I was 18 years old, last year of high school and kind of a lone wolf. I was the "weird" guy who watched animes, read mangas and I didn't like team sports because those reminded me of how I wasn't getting along with most people (seriously, I once asked on my classmates if his Miami Heat "James" jersey was named after Kirani James, a runner); but as any of you who're not in their teens anymore may know, I was actually longing for something to share with others and be part of a group.

Enter Sochi. Being Moldavian, I was rooting for Russia and the first hockey game I ever watched was the TJ Sochi showdown. So, yeah, the heartbrakes started from the get go. Then I watched the Gold Medal game and I watched the plays, the hits and the saves in amazement. I was hooked.

Hockey was perfect, it had the astonishing "how did he do that" plays, the very complex tactics and that bit of randomness that doesn't bore you out.

It was very fitting for the "weird" guy to get hooked on the "weird" sports, while here in Italy everbody was into basketball.

After the Olympics ended I started looking for a way to watch NHL games and, obviously, a team to root for, I googled "best Russian hockey player" and I don't even have to say who came up.

And Capitals it was.

It was time to watch the games, the first one I remember watching was a Bruins-Caps one, the Caps won 4-2 and it was amazing. I recall that I had to go at my girlfriend's house and as soon as I got in, I asked her for the WiFi PW, then I took out the phone and started watching. It was love. (I don't feel bad about being kind of ajerk, because she left me in a cruel way).

Back to the Caps.

Almost as if the Hockey Gods planned it, Kuznetsov came over from Russia and I loved everything about him, his goofy ways and his "magical" playing style and not by chance he's my favourtie player now.

Then I discovered the Caps blogosphere and by the end of the 2015 season I was bothering everybody at the Japers' Rink (boy I love me some fair and lenghty discussions). I love this place, I love how I feel ackowledged, I love how there are lots of smart people and it's a big part of why I'm a Caps fan.

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