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The Afternoon Narrative: Brief Scare, Wing Swap and Talking the Talk

Three things we’re talking about this afternoon when we’re talking about the Caps

Washington Capitals v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Three Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

1. As if you weren’t already an anxious mess...

Hey, Marcus - we all want to see Caps forwards crash the net a little more, but this isn’t what we meant.

2. The Caps’ lines will look a little different tonight, with Game 1 hero Tom Wilson and Games 1-to-3 zero Brett Connolly swapping spots.

Alrighty then.

Here, via Puckalytics, is how the new bottom-six has fared this year (in tiny-to-the-point-of-irrelevance-but-you-know-you’re-curious samples):

3. It’s go time, fellas.

Now, the time for talking is nearly done and Caps fans are ready for something that speaks louder than words: actions.