Infiltrating the Verizon Center!

Hi-diddly-ho wonderful people of Japer's Rink! Some of you fine folks may have noticed my username as the guy who did the Metro recaps at Pensburgh(thanks for the mentions, btw!), but I'm not here to talk about the Pens - I'm sure that will break all your red, white, and blue hearts! I'm actually here to share my experiences in DC the last couple days with all of you.

I live in Tampa but am fortunate to have family living in NoVA and Arlington, VA. I mentioned I live in Tampa because that is where most of my family congregates for the holidays. This year for Christmas, my northern neck cousin bought his sister tickets to to go see hers and my favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, perform at the Verizon Center on Wednesday night. When she offered me her second ticket, I accepted faster than an Alex Ovechkin wrister from the blue line! So from Christmas until Wednesday, I've been looking forward to this trip!

As I'm preparing for this trip, my cousin's gf, also in Arlington, informs us all that she can get tickets for Game 1 at a surprisingly low price. Again, I accepted quicker than Braden Holtby sliding from post-to-post! So, somehow, I ended up at the Verizon Center two nights in a row!

I've been to DC before, but never as an adult, so all I remember about the city were the monuments. This time around, I got to experience it as an adult and I couldn't have had a better time! The food was incredible. We had lunches at Taco Bamba and Bub and Pop's and my mouth is still watering thinking about those meals. Before the show and game, we stopped by Daikaya and Vapiano for pregame meals. If you have never been to either, and are near the VC, go there! You will not be disappointed!

As for my experience at the concert, it was the first arena concert I've ever seen, all the other shows were at outdoor venues. I couldn't believe how loud it was in there! The Chili Peppers have been around for decades, so the crowd was a very mixed bag of young and old. The seats were stage right in the 200 section and the show was simply amazing. I have never had more fun in my life! It's going to take a week for my voice to return and my leg muscles to stop aching - that's the sign of a good time!

Also, everyone should check out the openers for them - Babymetal. They're a Japanese band. Their style is death metal guitars and drums with Japanese pop lyrics. Yes, you read that right. It's three guitarists and one drummer with three very young Asian female lead singers. It's a ridiculous concept to wrap your head around and even more ridiculous seeing it live. I guarantee that you have never heard anything like them before. Somehow, I ended up liking them in a very ironic way.

Now on to the Capitals game. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a Pens and Bolts fan first, so going to see a Capitals playoff game was never something I'd ever see myself doing, but I'm very happy I did. I brought my KucHEROv jersey with me, so I figured I would wear that to the game and deal with the home team making fun of my jersey because the Lightning didn't make the big dance. Surprisingly, the only feedback I got was all positive. Most assumed I lived there and were right. Everyone who mentioned it also had nothing but good things to say about Kuch. Again, not the way I had it playing out. I didn't come to debate about who was better, and neither did anyone else. Caps fans had more important concerns. I am genuinely happy with how respectful and courteous everyone was in the entire city of me wearing the enemies colors.

The game itself was a great playoff atmosphere from the beginning. I've seen the crowds on TV and saw the sea of red and how loud it could get there, but being there in person was even more impressive. I've been to many games including playoffs, and it got as loud last night at that game as I can ever remember anywhere else. For a second, I almost joined in after Tom Wilson scored the winner. I've just rooted against this team for too long to change now!

I never thought of writing a FanPost to share my fun with all you wonderful people of JR and the wonderful people of DC, but the last two days have been so unbelievably perfect, that I had to show my appreciation for this town the only way I know how to connect with it. So this is a one time only thing, and I never thought these words would ever escape my body....

But a big thank you to the Washington Capitals and the Verizon Center. You supplied me with years worth of joy and excitement all in a 24 hour time frame and I will be grateful for as long as I can remember. I'm not ready to say "Go Caps" just yet, but I certainly now dislike your team shockingly less than I did 48 hours ago! Again, the biggest thank you to the Washington Capitals(and their fans) and the Verizon Center for making me feel at home 1,000 miles away!

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