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The Noon Number: Lars Attacks

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A look at a potential secret weapon in the Caps’ upcoming series against Toronto

NHL: Washington Capitals at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

17 - Number of points earned against the Maple Leafs by Lars Eller in 32 career games (7-10-17), including a goal and an assist in three games this year. That's his highest point and assist total against any one opponent, and .53 points per game is his third-best rate of production, topped only by his mastery of Calgary (.54, 5-2-7 in 13 games played) and Winnipeg (.65, 6-5-11 in 17 games).

Among current Caps, only Marcus Johansson (8), Justin Williams (10) and Alex Ovechkin (33) have scored more goals against Toronto in their career than Eller’s seven.