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The Noon Number: Home, Sweet Home

A look at how the Caps have fared with home cooking this season

Arizona Coyotes v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

31 - Number of wins earned by the Capitals on home ice this season, setting a new franchise record (with two home games remaining on the slate).

The Caps have just eight home losses, two of which have come via overtime or the shootout, for a League-leading - and franchise-best - points percentage of .821. Even if they happen to drop their last two home games in regulation, they’d fall to “just” .780, which would still be second-best behind the 2009-10 squad; a gain of two points in any fashion would tie that mark (.805, although 2009-10’s record includes five shootout wins).

Even adjusting for era and removing the shootout factor, this season checks in as one of the two best in the team’s history when it comes to playing in front of the hometown fans. All but one of their wins at Verizon Center this year has been a regulation or overtime victory - that ties their franchise ROW mark from way back in 1985-86 (a record that includes two ties).