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Rink Radio Episode 37: Trade Deadline Special

Everything you wanted to know about the Caps’ defense pairings going forward and more

NHL: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A month and a half ago we had our mid-season Rink Roundtable and one of the questions was about what the Capitals needed to do at the trade deadline. Here are a few excerpts of what was said:

J.P.: Go all-in (but only for the right guy)... take a look at recent Cup winners, finalists, semifinalists and you’ll see that most of those teams had that Duncan Keith/Drew Doughty/Nicklas Lidstrom/Brent Burns/Kris Letang type leading the D-corps and logging huge minutes in every situation...In reality, we’ll probably see them go for another depth defenseman (but please, someone who can skate, unlike the Tim Gleasons/Mike Webers of the world)

Adam: Over the last few years we’ve seen the Capitals try to bolster their defensive depth for the playoffs… unfortunately those players, likely intended to be 7th or 8th defenseman, have been given minutes in the postseason without being pressed into action by injury. So make a trade for someone that’s better than the guys already on the roster, not for another stay-at-home defenseman who fails to play in the NHL the following season (Weber/Gleason).

Becca: Stand pat unless there’s an insanely good deal to be had. In theory I agree with some of my cohorts above that another body - and a bigger name - on the blueline wouldn’t be the worst thing, but I also think a ton of teams are looking for that exact type of player (as they are pretty much every year) and the asking price for the few that will be available is going to be sky high.

It’s fair to say that the Capitals trade for Kevin Shattenkirk at least met, if not exceeded, our wildest expectations. Kevin Shattenkirk is an elite puck-moving defenseman who provides the Capitals with the defensive talent that is often associated with team’s that win championships. But how does he fit into the lineup? Who gets bumped? Who pairs with whom? We discuss all of those questions and much more in this episode of Japers’ Rink Radio.

Prior to listening to this episode, check out this great piece Tommy Chalk wrote outlining how the Capitals are planning to use Shattenkirk.

In fact, Trotz has been so pleased with his top four pairings, which for the last several games has been Carlson and Karl Alzner and Niskanen and Dmitry Orlov, that he doesn’t even see the need to implement any sort of experimentation with his pairings in the final 20 games of the season.

So here’s our own managing editor, Jon Press, joining Stephen Pepper and Adam Stringham to discuss it all in this week’s episode of Japers’ Rink Radio!

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