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The Noon Number: Third Down

A look at just how important Andre Burakovsky has been for one of the team’s best possession forwards

NHL: Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

57.4 - CF% at five on five for Lars Eller when playing alongside Andre Burakovsky, with an equally robust 76.9 GF% in the 356 minutes the two have spent on the same line.

Without Burakovsky that CF number for Eller drops down to 52.4% (414 minutes total)... but the dip has been particularly pronounced during Burakovsky’s recent stint on the IR, with Eller’s CF% bottoming out at 45.9% in 156 minutes of even-strength time.

Some of that is team-driven, of course, as the Caps haven’t exactly played their best hockey of late. Still, it’s probably pretty fair to say that no one is looking forward to the return of #65 more than Eller - and thankfully that return appears to be right around the corner.