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JRR Episode 36: Schmidt and Sustainability

RMNB’s Peter Hassett Joins Adam Stringham to Discuss How Everything is Going Perfectly For the Capitals.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Capitals are playing some amazing hockey. They’re winning nearly every game and they’re winning them by a lot of goals. Some of that is because the team is good...and some of that is because the team is shooting and saving the puck like it’s nobody’s business.

Capitals Season Overview

The Capitals’ possession numbers have been getting worse over the last 25 games but, even over that stretch, they’re still over 50%. Are the Capitals peaking too early? Do they have the talent to sustain these percentages into the playoffs? Is Nate Schmidt the best player to ever skate for the Capitals? Russian Machine Never BreaksPeter Hassett joins Adam Stringham to answer those questions and more in this episode of Japers’ Rink Radio.

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