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Jason Rogers Talks Oilers, Dinosaurs, and Dmitry Orlov on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

Our own Jason Rogers went live on the airwaves in Edmonton, Alberta ahead of tonight’s Caps-Oilers clash to talk free agency, the best Capitals teams, and a whole lot of craziness with Allan “Lowetide” Mitchell on TSN’s Lowdown with Lowetide.

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Jason Rogers (this guy) went live across your grandpappy’s favorite medium today in the great province of Alberta, chatting with TSN 1260’s Allan “Lowetide” Mitchell about all things Capitals and Oilers.

Highlights include:

  • Brontosauruses
  • Latin back tattoos
  • George McPhee tenting his fingers and drooling in a bunker in Las Vegas
  • McMuffins and Papa John’s
  • Serious solemn talk about the looming spectre of free agency and the final victory of the entropy of the universe

Click the link here or in the player below, and jump to 41:55 to hear me spit juicy Caps truth and/or libel.