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Noon Number: Power Shortage

A look at a strange area of concern for the Caps

Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

8 - Number of consecutive games in which the Capitals have failed to score at least one five-on-four power-play goal, dating back to their win in New Jersey (in which they scored three at five on four). Since then they’ve drawn 23 penalties, with just two strikes with the extra man over that span - both against Detroit, one at six-on-four and at four-on-three in overtime.

It doesn’t help their record much that they’re also giving up a ton of power-play goals against... in fact, per Vogs, last night was the first Caps’ win in which they gave up multiple power-play goals and didn’t score one of their own since 11/5/10 against the Bruins.