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The Noon Number: Fenwhipped

A look at one very troubling stat, a dozen games in

Washington Capitals v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

46.21 - Capitals’ score-adjusted five-on-five Fenwick percentage, worst in the NHL, per Puck On Net. In other words, 54 of every 100 unblocked shot attempts at fives in Caps games have been directed at the Caps’ net, 46 have gone the other way. (As a point of reference, the Caps finished last season fifth in this metric at 52.37; as a further point of reference, Dale Hunter’s Caps were at 47.31.) Anyway, here’s the current bottom ten:

And not to name names, but Brett Connolly’s 30.95 adjusted Fenwick percentage (per Corsica) is comfortably the worst in the League among skaters with 50 or more minutes of five-on-five ice time. Because you’re curious, here’s how the Caps skaters shake out in this area (via Corsica):

No es bueno, hombres.