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Japers’ Rink Pledge-O-Rama 2017

Time to do some good in this mixed-up world of ours.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Arizona Coyotes Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We live in crazy times, friends. And in times like these, sometimes it’s good to step outside of yourself and give a little something back, to take something that is relatively frivolous like sports and turn it into something that does good in the world.

With that in mind… we’re proud to introduce the Japers’ Rink Monthly Pledge-O-Rama!

Each month, we will offer up a chance for you all to pledge various amounts of money for various events taking place during that month – for example, $0.25 for every power-play point the team scores in October, $0.05 for every penalty minute earned by Tom Wilson, etc.

Rules, guidelines, caveats and more are below:

1. All pledges for a given month must be entered before the puck drops on the first game of that month.

2. Pledges can be made in the comments below or via Twitter using the hashtag #JRPledge.

3. All money amounts are welcome, and no shaming allowed… remember, every little bit helps, regardless of whether you donate 5 cents or $500!

4. Use your imagination! Any event that occurs during a game and that is tracked in some quantitative way by the League (or other, more reputable organizations) is fair game.

5. …that said, please don’t get TOO complicated as we have to do the math and math sucks.

6. The charity will change each month, and suggestions for causes are always welcome. We will announce the charity in the post for that month’s pledge-o-rama.

Now that all of that is out of the way...

Pledges for October are now open!

This month’s contributions will go towards Unidos Por Puerto Rico, a joint effort between Beatriz Rosselló (First Lady of Puerto Rico) and the private sector to provide relief from the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Learn more about their work here.

Remember, all pledges must be recorded before puck drops on Thursday’s season opener in order to qualify for this month. There will be 12 games included in this month’s pledge-o-rama:

  • Thu, Oct 5 @ OTT
  • Sat, Oct 7 vs. MTL
  • Mon, Oct 9 @ TBL
  • Wed, Oct 11 vs. PIT
  • Fri, Oct 13 @ NJD
  • Sat, Oct 14 @ PHI
  • Tue, Oct 17 vs. TOR
  • Fri, Oct 20 @ DET
  • Sat, Oct 21 vs. FLA
  • Thu, Oct 26 @ VAN
  • Sat, Oct 28 @ EDM
  • Sun, Oct 29 @ CGY

Updates will be provided throughout the month, with a handy tracking spreadsheet available for view at any time for transparency (and to keep y’all honest).

Pledge away!