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The Noon Number: At Odds At Evens

Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

46.2% - The CapitalsShot Attempts Percentage (SAT), which is currently ranked 24th in the League. That number drops down significantly when the team is ahead, dipping to 38.6% - in other words, they’re already seeing the ice tilt when it comes to attempts on or towards the net, and it tilts even further against them when they take a lead.

How are they staying relatively afloat in the standings so far, and in fact scoring at a high rate? Well, just turn your attention to ye olde shooting percentage, which is the highest in the League at five-on-five - a stout 14.8%.

None of this is ideal from a predictive standpoint, of course. There are only so many times that you can be out-attempted and still come away victorious; one need only look at Saturday night’s results to see that eventually it’s going to bite you.

For some context, the team finished last season with a shooting percentage at evens of 9.2%, which was tied for the highest in the League, but a fourth-best SAT% of 51.8%. So... there’s some work to be done yet.