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The Noon Countdown: Really Bad at Being Really Bad

A look at Braden Holtby's consistently high quality performance over the years

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

28 - Number of days remaining until the 2016-17 season. But it's also...

...the number of Really Bad Starts (RBS) for Braden Holtby since beginning his career back in 2010, the third-fewest in the League over that span behind only Cory Schneider and Ben Bishop (27 apiece). Developed by Rob Vollman of Hockey Prospectus, a Really Bad Start is defined as a game for a starting goalie in which his save percentage is below .850.

Teams have historically had just about a 10% chance of winning those games; the Caps have won five of Holtby's 27, but only twice when he's played the whole game.