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Japers' Rink Radio Episodes 5 and 6: Rink Wraps and Team Identity

Despite scoring the second most goals in the NHL this season the Capitals' offense lost it's potency in the playoffs. Why is that? We discuss that and some Rink Wraps in Episodes 5 and 6 of Japers' Rink Radio.

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We recorded two separate episodes yesterday and they're both available now on iTunes. We'd really appreciate it if you'd subscribe and also give us a nice review.

Japers' Rink's managing editor, J.P., joins co-hosts Adam Stringham and Stephen Pepper for Episode 6 to talk about the Stanley and Calder Cup playoffs, the Capitals' identity, and whether their offensive zone systems fully utilize the talent of the team's top players.

In Episode 5 Adam is joined by Patrick Holden to talk about last week's Rink Wraps:  Jason ChimeraTaylor ChorneyStanislav GalievPhilipp Grubauer, and Braden Holtby. Should the Capitals re-sign Chimera? Is Holtby a tad overrated? All of that and more below.

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