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Capitals vs. Penguins Recap: Caps Drop a Big One

In what felt like a must-win game, the Capitals fell short.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

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In what felt like a must win game, the Capitals could never seem to get consistent offense flowing, and consistent odd breaks and strong Penguin forechecks ultimately cost them a valuable win.

Here's Wednesday night's Plus/Minus:

  • Plus: Well, at least Jay Beagle's snipe was pretty nice.
  • Minus: *Sighs eternally*

Ten more notes on the game:

  • The Capitals came out with a little pep in their step, and Jay Beagle took full advantage of that, smacking a no-angle shot for a first-period goal.
  • But then the Caps took their foot off the gas, and the Penguins proceeded to take full advantage of that, scoring a dribbler of a goal that fooled Holtby.
  • A little bit of madness ensued, and as the first period drew to an end, Washington released a collective gasp.
  • In the second period, for whatever reason, Nicklas Backstrom let Matt Cullen beat him to a loose puck, sparking a break for an early second goal.
  • For a while, the game was definitely tilting in the Penguins favor, and the Capitals just couldn't get anything going. They were getting pounded to the pucks, and occasionally pounded by Geno's....
  • ...But then we had something to get excited about, as Justin Williams found a wide open John Carlson for an essential layup.
  • There was quite difference between the beginning of the third period and the majority of the second period. The Capitals were getting a flurry of scoring chances, but Matt Murray stood strong.
  • Sidney Crosby exited the game following a hit on the hand by Alex Ovechkin. Crosby was not particularly happy about that
  • But he'd ultimately come back.
  • The Capitals and Penguins traded chances back and forth, but no one could find one, and we headed to overtime.
  • But here's your winner.

Game highlights: