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The Narrative: No Letang, More Grit and Even It Up

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Three things we're talking about today when we're talking about the Caps

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kris Letang will serve his one-game suspension tonight, which means an already depleted Pens' blueline takes a huge hit. How will they try to cope?

That's... definitely a list of six names. Real talk: if the Caps can't take advantage of that blueline, they're not the team we thought they were.


2. Pittsburgh has also made a couple of recalls (one of whom could be in the mix above):

Best options or a response to the physicality of the series and little ol' Tom Wilson?

Because that's what this series needed. More physicality.


3. Win tonight and the series goes back to Washington as a best-of-three with the Caps holding home ice advantage; lose, and, well...



The Caps might well win Game 5 despite a loss tonight, but that far right column is your reality check - go down 3-1 and the task becomes less than 13% likely to be achieved (especially because the Caps don't get to play the Caps... zing!). In other words...