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Tuesday Caps Clips: Stymied in Steel City

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Caps still having trouble be-biscuiting the basket, Letang will be a contestant on the NHL Wheel of Justice, beast mode Ovi and more.

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  • What we were talking about yesterday when we were talking Caps hockey. [Rink]
  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's loss from us, Vogs (plus game notes), Monumental video (Trotz, Holtby, Oshie, Wilson, Williams, Niskanen, Joe Hanson, Sullivan, Pens room),, WaPo (gamer, Bog's Best & Worst), CSNW, USA Today, Puck Daddy, AP, ESPNFrankovicPeerless, RMNB (gamer, game blogs) and DSP and from the PIT bench, PPG, PensBurgh, TribLive.
    • 'Twas good to see Alex Ovechkin and Justin Williams break through their scoring slumps. [theScore]
    • Ovi probably saw Coach's Corner at intermission and decided to mend his ways. [Sportsnet]
    • We were promised the Sid and Ovi Show. Why aren't we having the Sid and Ovi Show? [CBC]
    • Related: Not really enjoying the Matt Murray Show, tbh. [WaPo]
    • "I was surprised when Mike Sullivan answered my query about going to a defensive shell with blunt honesty. The Penguins were NOT in a shell per game plan. They, according to Sullivan, were simply being outplayed.  He was not happy about the play and had the tone of an angry parent discussing the misdeeds of a child." This new-to-me site provides some interesting observations. And a dandy blog name/concept. [Pittsburgh Postgame]
  • Today in Late High Hits and the Playoffs Wheel of Justice:
    • Kris Letang laid a late high hit on Marcus Johansson that left him dazed on the ice and sent him down the tunnel, although MJ90 would return to the game... [WaPo, Puck Daddy,
    • ... leading to discussion of a possible suspension and every hockey fan's favorite drinking game - "Not If But How Many?" Milbury's picking up the tab for the first round. [WaPo, CSNMA, TribLive, Sportsnet, PensBurgh]
    • The players had some thoughts on the subject... [CSNMA, Sportsnet]
    • ... as did Letang himself. [Sportsnet]
    • All the nasty hitting has turned a pretty good series somewhat sour, you guys. [ESPN]
    • Point: The Pens pulled out a win that they prob'ly would have lost without Murray standing on his head, and Pittsburgh observers eye the next game warily. [THN, B/R, Empty Netters, Sportsnet]
    • Counterpoint: The Caps gave it their all and still lost. What if their best isn't good enough? [WaPo]
  • Notes from pregame:
  • Power vs. power - the Sid and Backstrom Show. [Rink]
  • The Hershey Bears faced elimination twice this weekend and prevailed to advance to Round Two. What lessons might apply up top? [LD News]
  • Finally, happy 62nd birthday to Robbie Moore, happy 59th to Rod Langway, and happy 40th to hometown hero Jeff Halpern.