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The Noon Number: Backstrong in the Dot

A look at a big night in the face-off circle for the Caps' top pivot

Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

90 - Percentage of face offs Nicklas Backstrom won in Game 2, the highest win percentage in a playoff game (minimum 20 draws) since the League started tracking the stat in 1998 (and you can add a decade to that, per Caps Today). Backstrom won 16 of 18 even-strength draws, was one-for-one for each special teams unit, and completely dominated his most frequent opponent up and down the ice (which helps on the ol' power-versus-power front):

Backstrom FOs

Interestingly enough, this comes on the heels of a Game 1 in which Backstrom notably struggled in the dot:

Backstrom FO2

It's almost as if events that are more or less coin flips will sometimes yield wacky results over small samples.

Oh, and if you're wondering who has won the highest percentage of draws in a regular season game over this span, it's one of Backstrom's former coaches... but can you guess which one?