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Brooks Orpik Suspended Three Games

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Orpik will miss Game 3, 4 and 5 of the series

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night, Brooks Orpik took out Pittsburgh defenseman Olli Maatta with this hit:

Maatta left the game and was later determined to have suffered a concussion, while Orpik was given a two-minute penalty for interference. After a phone hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety earlier today, Orpik has been given a three-game suspension for the hit.

Here's the DoPS video explaining the suspension:

The ruling matches the punishment handed down to Brayden Schenn at the end of last series for a hit on T.J. Oshie, but is easily one of the harsher suspensions given out in the postseason to someone still participating in it.

The loss of Orpik is a big one for the Caps, who had to play a good portion of the first round without him as well (albeit because of a hit he received rather than one he doled out); that they've done it before, and survived, is good, but the Penguins aren't going to be an easy opponent to top even with a full blueline... time to buckle down, fellas.