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The Noon(ish) Number: Shooting Blanks?

A look at how while you might miss 100% of the shots you don't take... you might miss about a quarter of the ones you do take as well.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

97 - Number of Caps shot attempts that missed the net in Round 1, most in the League. Per, that's 97 misses on 408 all-situation shot attempts (with another 125 blocked), which leaves 186 shots on goal, on which the Caps scored 14 times for a decent 7.5 shooting percentage... but one that's well below the 9.9 they shot during the regular season (thanks in large part to a 4.8 shooting percentage at five-on-five, down from the regular season's 8.3%).

Bottom line: the Caps took a lot of shots in Round 1 (the highest all-situation shot rate in the League), missed a lot (the most in the League), and hit the back of the net at a lower-than-expected efficiency. Graphically, that all looks like this:


If the Caps can keep pumping the shots at the same rate in Round 2, they'll be in great shape... because that shooting percentage won't stay low forever, particularly at five-on-five, where they've been getting plenty of chances: